It Is Time For Basic Income

One of the reasons that I enjoyed watching Star Trek was because the ideals that the future represent. If you look carefully at the economy of Star Trek they have abolished money. People only do the work that they are passionate about. This makes sense as automation continues to grow people really won’t have to “work” to make ends meet and can pursue their own interests. Long story short I think Basic Income will help transition us into a society that one day, hopefully, can resemble the Federation.


It Is Time For Basic Income

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It is time for Basic Income. This idea, endorsed by a range of economists from a variety of political camps, has always seemed more of a distant dream than a reality. But productivity and standard of living increases made Basic…

Not 'brainwashed': American women who converted to Islam speak out

Fantastic article about muslim women in America. Best line from the article:

“I just want people to know that there are American Muslim women who wear hijab by choice because they believe in it and it feels right to them, not because anyone tells them to.”

Real Beauty Sketches + FUN

So dove has this campaign for showing what real beauty is I recommend watching it….

Pretty good message right? Let’s watch what the guys version would look like.

If you aren’t dying from laughter well have a cookie


I love valentines….because the day after there is a bunch of CHEAP chocolate. Who can hate chocolate?